C Z A R I N A / The Beauty Rituals of a Rock Goddess

Photo by  @DeadlyKawaii

Photo by @DeadlyKawaii

Before I begin, I will say that this is the beginning of a a series of interviews I’ll be going on people not usually categorized in the field of beauty/skincare. If you guys love what you have read, feel free to leave a comment or share this post with people to share the love!

So guys, as the first in this product, I had the honor to interview my friend Vero who goes by the alias C Z A R I N A (it’s meant to be stylized with the letters spaced out) when she transforms into a musical rock goddess with her band. To give a brief rundown on who she is, she’s a multi-talented human being who has her own footwear brand, an awesome electronic musical career, and is just amazing in being an artistic jack-of-all-trades!

While she has many aliases, I’m personally curious to know more about the one nobody knows about!... and that’s her Skincare Idol alias!

Q: So C Z A R I N A, I can go dive straight into the typical “what’s your routine?”, however, that is such a cliche and a basic question, and I’m not all about being basic! What I first want to know is, how do you personally choose what brands to buy? Being that you have your own brand (IVY KIRZHNER, footwear label) yourself, I’m just wondering what you personally look for when you go shopping! Is it the luxury aspect, is it just a random pick, a suggestion, or do you choose a brand based on what resonates to you from their own brand essence?

C Z A R I N A:

When I shop it’s always about the performance aspect. I often tend to like things that are new and revolutionary in general, and also provides the easiest solution to my skincare needs. However, I also stay true to what has been working over the years. A lot of the brands I use to this day are still the same basic ones I’ve been using since I was 13. When it comes to skincare, I try to really keep it simple and I’m a lot more low maintenance that anyone would expect. 

Q: Speaking of shopping for skincare, there are so many options of where to go to!. Do you have any personal favorite places you like to shop for your products?

C Z A R I N A:

Yes, I do love Space NK. I get most of my products there. I think they provide most of the answers I look for. 

Q: Right, now that we’ve locked down where you shop, I guess we can go to the question of what products are in your current routine right now? Also, what are your skin goals when it comes to using these products?

C Z A R I N A:

I keep my routine super simple. I wash my face twice daily, every morning and night before I go to bed. To control and manage any breakouts, I’ve stuck to Neutrogena All-in-One Acne control with scrub. I’ve tried a lot of brands ranging from all price-point tiers but this is the only that seems to work that keeps my skin super clear and freshly exfoliated. If I have a breakout, I use Eve Lom Dynaspot as treatment. That works like wonders overnight.

For moisturizers, I am obsessed with Sunday Riley’s Tidal Brightening Water Cream. It’s super lightweight yet rich and nourishing and it also works amazing as an eye cream. Every now and then I’ll use Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel. And to fend off aging, I use NuFACE microcurrent technology maybe 2-3 times a week. It really works! I never ever want to resort to injecting fillers or anything unnatural so I try to endeavor to maintain my skin’s youth in natural ways as much as I can. But Nuface is quite an upkeep and I do tend to get lazy so I just really use it if I feel like I absolutely have to.

I only wear makeup when I’m going out, have a photoshoot or have important meetings to attend. I try to keep my skin nice, clean and fresh as often as I can. But when I do, I use By Terry Terrybly Densiliss foundation because of its anti-aging serum components. For eyes and lips, I swear by various Mac and Nars color palettes. I think they provide the strongest and richest hues. 

Q: Ooh, I really like how I’ve used some of these items as well! I think it’s great that something simple like this can bring people together sometimes. I’m personally a big fan of that Sunday Riley Water Cream and the pads from Dr. Dennis Gross. However, I’m really surprised at Neutrogena! It’s not something I’d expect from someone with a grande presence, however, I never had experience with many of their products, so don’t knock it until you try it!

Continuing on, based on the products you mentioned, do you have any secret application techniques you do with them?

C Z A R I N A:

Not really, I’m actually terrible at bum rushing everything. The only thing that has a method to it is the upward motions for NuFACE, Lol!

Q: I feel like I have learned so much more about you on a different level! Has anyone ever extensively asked you questions like this? LOL. But really, I know you have been asked what beauty routine you follow because you’re great at retaining that eternal youth of yours and staying flawless! In my opinion, skincare is only half the battle, there’s also the part of doing self-care to reveal a radiant finish.  So is there any metaphysical or spiritual things you do to stay in a certain state of mind?

C Z A R I N A:

In terms of self-care I do quite a lot these days. I workout. I think endorphins in the blood stream really is the secret to healthy living and eternal youth. It’s what keeps everything glowing and helps with controlling stress levels. I also tend to not stress anymore. I don’t let any external factors control me or have any power over me any longer. I also began practicing applying positivity in all areas of my life. My thoughts, my words, my actions. We’re all energy. And I think vibrating higher also manifests physically, especially thru our skin

Q: Oh wow! There are certainly a lot of people in the skincare industry who also believe, to put it simple, “if you feel good, you’ll look good”. So I’m really glad you have a similar philosophy for yourself. It’s definitely an inspiring thought, especially when it comes to self-love. Anyway, there’s also something that’s been on my mind about you as a business person. Would you ever expand your business or enter the beauty industry whether it’s with fragrance, homescents, makeup, or skincare? Have you ever thought about it?

C Z A R I N A:

Absolutely! I would love to enter fragrance and makeup. Especially makeup and beauty. All the colors and all the vibrance I’d love to bring... also I think there’s a lot to explore when it comes to fusing beauty and technology which I would love to explore further and bring exciting new products to the market. 

Q: I think that’s amazing, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. I know I’d definitely buy into your fragrance and beauty collection, I’m really into products and brands that came a person that built it from the ground up per se… but moving on, of course, I can’t end this interview without mentioning your music! I know you have some new material out called “In the Line of Fire”. Is there anything you want to elaborate on that? I’d like to know more about it since I’m a huge fan of your work!

C Z A R I N A:

Yes, “In The Line of Fire” is the first release on this mega electronic rock opera I’m working on about a fleet of Mecha pilots fighting an evil alien force in outer space. It has robotech and cybertech Sci Fi Anime elements developed like a movie but in a soundtrack and recording format. It’s pretty exciting as I get to not only write, sing and produce in the tracks, I also get to play various roles! It’s a whole new level of recording work. 

Well C Z A R I N A! I’d really like to thank you for your time with this short interview! It was really much appreciated! I’m pretty sure all my readers and followers feel much more closer to you now that they know all your skincare secrets!

C Z A R I N A:

Thanks for having me, Vince! 

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